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Bowls Mart or Bowl Smart?

Bowls Mart is a program started years ago to insure new bowlers have access to buying bowls as they begin the game.  Much like Sun City, it is run by volunteers and operates as a non-profit organization for the benefit of the players and the community. Over the years, it has evolved and become the one location across the Valley where bowlers can buy, sell and trade in their used bowls.


Our goal is to provide a wide selection of bowls for both new and seasoned veterans.  We continually strive to update our stock so new bowlers can buy into the game for as little as $60 per set and experienced bowlers can upgrade to a newer bowl or downsize to a smaller bowl as they age.

As most bowlers know, not every bowl is suitable for every green.  We often encourage new bowlers to buy an older set and learn the draw aspect of the game.  The truth is you can bowl with any bowl, but from a practical perspective when our greens reach 14-16 seconds those old Henselite Super Grips are turning 16 feet.

If you would like to check out our inventory, I would be happy to show you what we have in stock.  We are located at the Bell Lawn Bowls Club at the corner of Hutton and Boswell Blvd.


My name is Bill Pearson and my phone number is 623-876-1896.  Call for an appointment and I can usually meet you the same day.


This is our current inventory as of 7/17/24, but be mindful we only update monthly while the stock changes weekly.

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